Detex (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Based Distributor for Detex’s High-Quality Fire Exit Hardware Products

Detex’s Asia Distributor, Ameratec, is based in Hong Kong and is proud to offer a range of top-quality Detex products. These products include fire exit hardware, access control systems, and security door controls.

For years, Detex has been committed to designing and manufacturing products that can be trusted to perform, even under high use and abuse. To achieve this, we work closely with locksmiths, architects, maintenance supervisors, contractors, and anyone else who shares our passion for quality products that perform well. This collaboration allows us to make innovative changes to our current products, as well as introduce new products to meet the increasing life safety and security requirements of today.

We owe our success to the enthusiastic and loyal personnel in research, development, engineering, manufacturing, service, sales, and general management. Many of our employees have been with the company for over 30 years, creating a continuity of effort that has elevated Detex to a leadership position in the security industry today.

Popular Fire Exit Hardware

Detex ECL-230D Deadbolt Panic Device with Exit Alarm

Detex V40 Rim Exit Device with Exit Alarm with Battery (EB)

Detex EAX-500 Battery Powered Door Alarm

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