Lock Synergy A40xEB Rim Exit Device

Lock Synergy's Assurance RIM panic device is a retrofit lock converted from Detex's Value Series exit devices. Lock Synergy has created a retrofit kit to replace exterior parts from a Value Series lock with stainless steel parts. This allows the A40 to pass and comply with the PRCХs 1.5-hour fire test, as well as its durability cycle test of 300,000 cycles. We guarantee the A40 will last beyond our 10-year warranty with trouble-free maintenance. The A40xEB is designed for primary and secondary exits that require an alarmed panic device. The 100dB alarm will sound when someone attempts to exit, alerting management to the unauthorized exit. The alarm module is powered by a 9-Volt battery and has a pair of LED status signals. Features heavy-duty ribbed stainless steel rail extrusion100dB battery powered siren. Fast and easy installation saves time and money. Outside trims are easily changed or rekeyed without removing device from door. Angled end cap deflects damage away from device. Withstands over 1,400 pounds of static pull force for greater security.