Linear DXT-601: 1-Button, 1-Channel Key Ring Transmitter

The Model DXT-601 1-Button, 1-Channel Key Ring Transmitter is a battery powered, portable, miniature transmitter designed for use with Linear's DX Format receivers. Each transmitter can be used in a limitless number of wireless remote control applications. Pressing the transmitter button sends a digitally coded wireless signal to its companion receiver. The transmitter button has a positive click feel.

The digital DX code format features over a million possible codes. The DX transmitters are precoded at the factory to unique codes, so no field coding is required. Transmitters can send a signal for up to 10 seconds with each button activation.

The DXT-601 is a one-button, one-code transmitter. Pressing the button sends the transmitters code to the receiver. Press the button for a minimum of two seconds to insure receiver activation.

The DXT-601 is powered from two 3-Volt Type 2016 lithium batteries with an expected battery life of up to 5 years. When the transmitters range decreases, or stops functioning, replace the batteries. A detachable key ring is provided with each transmitter.

  • Two type 2016 lithium batteries supplied
  • Detachable key ring supplied
  • DX format
  • RF frequency: 315 MHz
  • 1.25" W x 2.25" H x 0.48" D